Sunday, September 11

Diablo 3 Beta Sooner Than Later?

I was suddenly alerted as I opened my WoW client and was about to login and to my surprise I saw, "BREAKING NEWS!" My first thought is, "oh great, more restarts or maintenance? downtime?" After a little bit of reading I had come to find out that I was being informed ofDiablo 3 phishers by Blizzard Entertainment! This is purely speculation, but could that mean we might have our beta sooner than later? It could mean there is a huge increase of scam emails, but in all honesty, how much do you think Blizzard cares for your account integrity? The image shown here is what alarmed me, and made the immediate thought of, "BETA SOON?! NAO?!"

At this point, you have to choose what side of the bridge your going to cross. Do you want to be that crazy conspiracy theorist like Dr. Doom or do you want the FACTS and what we DO know? I would really like you guys to cross my side of the bridge, so I shall enlighten everyone with some information to back up my side of the bridge. No tinfoil hats needed.

Dr. Doom Side Possibilities:

- Blizzard could be watching out for our accounts well being and just posting to make the community aware of the situation. In Dr. Doom's mind, I'm thinking, "so there is an increase of phishing scams, does that mean someone knows something I don't?" Also, it could mean Blizzard wants us to keep an eye out for the REAL beta invites!

- Blizzard might be hinting to the community, and its in this little breaking news on the WoW login.

- Here is some more 'factual' information to help back my theory. This could be Blizzard bringing awareness that the Diablo 3 Beta is soon and that we should be watching our emails, because like their product slate says, it's coming out in Quarter 4, which would be in November. That is a reasonable amount of time for the beta to go on, and have a release of a product. I attended Blizzcon 2010 and they announced that their will be a release of Diablo 3 within the next year, hence it's 2011. Check out the Blizzard Product Slate that was leaked, for those of us who haven't already been enlightened by it.

That's all the information I have to back my side of the bridge, so you can go with Dr. Doom the nut job who likes to formulate his own speculations and creating excitement for others, or you can go with the facts and what's been announced side of the bridge. Which will probably just cause you stress and feeling of sadness! It is all up to you the reader, and I am more than welcoming all of you to walk with me on my side to the darkness of the Pits of Hell in Diablo 3 Beta awareness!

What is everyone's opinion on this? Do you think my speculation and conspiracies could be leading to something?! Or do you think I am going bonkers and losing a sense of reality? I'd love to hear anyone's opinion on whether or not they think this breaking news has anything to do with the actual Diablo 3 Beta, or if they have formulated their own speculations. Thank you loyal readers and I hope you enjoyed the article!

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