Wednesday, September 28

Get outside instance after using LFG teleport

So this is pretty minor thing, but still can be handy to know sometimes.

If you use LFG tool to teleport into instance, normally when you run out from it you will get teleported to original location. Now if you want to get outside without getting teleported, there's few possible ways. First you have to die and release(no repair cost if you remove gear). If you're lvl 85 and queued for ZA/ZG, then leave group, set dungeon difficulty to normal, run back in and you are resurrected outside instance. If you're level 80-84 and queued to normal instance, you can get the same result by leaving group and turning difficulty to heroic before running in. And obviously you could use spirit healer rez too but that can be expensive.

Example use: you want to raid BWD but everyone is at orgrimmar, make a group of 5 where one player is lvl 80, use LFG to get to normal BRC, then that lvl80 dies, leaves group, set difficulty to heroic, run back, short flight to BWD entrance and mass summon everyone there and save couple minutes of flying.

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