Sunday, September 4

Moon Guard: Clearing the Miasma of Rumor

Think about Moon Guard, and what comes to your mind? ERP, most likely. While Moon Guard does have an extremely active and sometimes frightening Goldshire inn, this is really only indicative of the server's level of activity in general. It breeds on the server because the server is one of the most populous servers on the US Realmlist, and the most populated RP server worldwide. Every active roleplaying server has it's Goldshire, as the zone is easily accessible from Stormwind City, which is a hub for activities of all varieties, especially in Cataclysm.

The video above is a fantastic example of Stormwind City's roleplay, and there is roleplay beyond these city gates, as well. For a current or aspiring roleplayer looking for the perfect server, Moon Guard is a fantastic and shining example of an RP community that works. I loved this video so much that I thought I'd post it up on the frontpage and give OwnedCore a view of what Moon Guard is really like.

Roleplaying can be a great way to make the game feel new again, and so long as you ignore Goldshire, Moon Guard is an excellent place to start. Jesse Cox and WoWCrendor made a short series of videos detailing their adventures on Moon Guard, which can be found on Jesse's channel, "OMFGCata" on YouTube. While the series mainly deals with the duo checking out Goldshire, it started a firestorm in the roleplaying community that motivated many people to reply back with their own videos of Moon Guard's actual roleplaying community.

For those of you who'd like to expand your horizons, Moon Guard (US-RP) is a great place, and aphel even has his own guild there. Whisper me in game on "Aphel", a level 85 Night Elf Hunter, or one of my officers in , the server's most active Hardcore RP-PvP guild.

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