Wednesday, September 7

[Rogue] Distract "Stun" Nalorakk Patrols

Instance: Zul'aman
Area: Approaching Nalorakk, three group pulls he sends out on script.

Class: Rogue
Skill: Distract
Exploit: While in stealth, approach close enough to the pull to cause the script to run (or have a party member do this), and Nalorakk will send his minions towards your party. While they are en route to the party, before they aggro, use Distract. As normal, the mobs will turn to look at the center point of Distract.Unlike normal, when the party engages, the mobs will not aggro, standing there effectively stunned. No threat will be amassed. At the end of Distract's usual duration, the mobs continue their pathing, at the end of which they will aggo as normal.

Benefit: 10 seconds of free DPS on three pulls in Zul'aman.

Drawbacks: Without warning your tank, this can confuse him, as he will not have any threat when they reach the end of their usual pathing. Also, you will be unable to CC the targets until they reach their usual pathing end, per usual, so this does not help to set up CC.

Theory: I theorize that this has to do with how the script commands the units to move to the bottom of their stairs, or across the large platform, before engaging. As they have not reached their destination, they will not yet aggro.

This worked for me on two separate occasions today, with all three pulls. I hope this is a new find. If this has been posted before, or if others are unable to replicate, feel free to correct me.

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