Saturday, September 17

Watch Out: Diablo 3 Phishers

The people trying to scam your information are using Email. They are emailing letters to those of us in an attempt to snag our Battle.Net information for their own gains. Here is what you should expect to see in your email, these emails are often filtered into your "Trash/Spam" section, but some may get through to your "Inbox". Sorry if you have to squint a little, but I have to follow strict guidelines for images within my articles.

They are pretty easy to spot, because Blizzard Entertainment wouldn't go about that type of invitation system. You will most likely get an email that looks a LOT more professional and redirects you to a link. As the phishers become more advanced, keep a better eye out for the fishy looking emails, no pun intended.

For those of you that are curious as to how they got your email, you can refer to this link:

t's pretty general, but you'll want to focus on the "Web Spider" information. A spider is a program that can search for terms strictly relating to "" "" and many more. It makes a list and people can use this for either good or bad. Primarily bad. Just thought I'd make a quick informative article for the public as we expect to see more official Diablo 3 Beta invites soon. I understand I may have talked about this with the "breaking news" article, but I didn't go into more depth with it.

What do you think? Will the phishers get more advanced as time goes on? Either way, just keep a closer eye out as more idea's andhacks come to the surface. We don't like seeing people get hacked! Thanks to my loyal readers and commenters!

User Pointed Out: "Blizzard wouldn't redirect you to a domain either. They would simply state that your Account is upgraded for the Beta and that you can download it in your account settings on or sth." Thanks!

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