Saturday, October 15

800-1200G IN 10-15MIN in WOLK dungeons

I have been doing this for a while on my realm, its working really really great.

What I do is simply enter 2 of the ICC dungeons (Pit of Saron and The Forge of Souls) You can do Halls of Reflection, but I don't cause the first "event" is kind of long. Well the thing you wants to do in POS and FOS is skip as much trash as you can and solo the all the bosses.

I'm using my dk for this (ilvl390) you DONT have to play blood, the damage output from the bosses is really low so I stay in my frost PVE spec and gear, able to burn each boss down in about 20sec.
The end bosses each drop 2 epics and the rest 1, means you will obtain a total of 7 epics just by doing the 2 first dungeons. The only thing you need to do this is a char with enchanting (445 level) Just "Abyssal Shatter" all the epics you loot, after you disenchanted them.

I used to do this twice in a row with each of my chars (4 runs, 2 of each dungeon)
Be in a guild of level 23 or higher to gain the guild perk as well [Bountiful Bags]

I used to end up with something like this:

These 2 items still sell really really well on most server. The price on my server is avg like this:

  • 1x Infinite Dust = 6-8g
  • 1x Greater Cosmic Essence = 10-12g

Gives us a total of:
80 x 6g = 480g
60 x 10g = 600g
Used lowest price seen on my realm
= 1080g for 10-15min work

The price might be lower or higher on your realm, even if both items sell for ½ of what they do in mine, the amount of g/hour is still really really high if you got 3-4char able to solo both without any problems.

Do the runs on normal, the bosses doesn't drop more epics on HC :] Just high ilvl witch is /care

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