Wednesday, October 26

Embersilk cloth farming uldum pyramid

1. a Prot Warrior whith [Glyph of victory rush]

2. a 80+ caracter with Tailoring [Northern Cloth Scavenging].
(what I usually do is to go /2 Looking for leveling tailor 80 min to PL).

3. You need to go to Uldum, North West there's a pyramid with packs of mobs (9 trashs 1 elite).

4. You need to use [Potion of Treasure Finding].

5. You basicly kill all the mobs with the warrior and let the tailor loot behind you ( you need to be both under potion).

The Elite mob death triggers the repop of the pack so you wanna go straight killing this mob 1st.
You can do a run of pyramid in 7min with a average 359 ilvl warrior without fearing to die because of Victory rush. With practice you'll be able to do it in 5min with the repop and get more loots ( 80 mobs ).
You need to have a second shield into inventory (the 1st one will be out of durability after 30min)
You wanna chain pull when elite is down in order to maximize your dps via reveng buff.

What you'll get after 1 hour farming (average on 51 runs so far)
(divide in 2 if you farm with a friend)
1. [Embersilk cloth] = 600 (yes 600)
2. Green Items = 6-10.
3. Volatile (X) = 16-40 (random volatile).
4. Money = 200 (grey items/money on mobs/money in the chests)
5. Ores = 15-17 (mostly pyrium).

I hope you'll appreciate me sharing this tip, if you need some explaination I'll try and give you some.

This can be done by other class but the prot warrior is definitly the most effective to do it if you practice you can be able to kill 750 mobs per hour.

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