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Monday, October 31

Encountered a guy 40-boxing in AV. Talk about Forever alone! (We won btw!)

I play on Aegwynn, and this guy is the biggest douchebag I have ever encountered in game.

Perhaps the best example of this are his alliance toons; he has a number of alliance characters, and will often carry on conversations between them in trade chat about his horde toons, as if we didn't know it was him.

"Alliance 1: Wow I can't believe how good that Prepared guy is, he dominates the alliance on this server.

Alliance 2: Yeah! He's probably the best PvPer in all of wow"

I'm not making this shit up, it's embarrassing. He also does shit like taking his alliance toons to TB so that he can AFK/take up spots and then report alliance positions and strats to horde. Any time he is challenged to a duel, he refuses to only play 1 character v 1 character - he claims that since he is the only person controlling his toons, he should be able to control them all (that's his definition of 1v1).

We've reported/submitted tickets for years and he continues to do this shit every day. I can only assume this his $500+ monthly check to Blizzard is the only thing saving him.

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