Sunday, October 2

Fast Skinning (Cata levels only, in Deepholm)

Recently, I believe, Blizzard made it so you could no longer do the roundtable skinning exploit to continually gain skinning levels off of the same 4-5 mobs. However I found a particular one that still works. You'll need to have not completed this quest:

Big Game, Big Bait - Quest - World of Warcraft

The mobs you will skin are the object of this quest, Jadecrest Basilisk - Jadecrest Basilisk - NPC - World of Warcraft

What you do:

Gather 4-5 together, kill them in a small area next to each other (I personally did one at a time). Use the quest item to chop them up into bait. They will now show a skinning icon, but no loot will be yielded. This is good since Blizz's fix required the mobs to yield on skinning. Now just repeat the old method of going around in the same order over and over and collecting levels every 5th or 6th skin (I can't remember). Worked like a charm for me, I found it around 485 and was 525 10 min later.

Please let me know if this is a repost of some sort.

I should add that these mobs are green somewhere after 500, at least the last 10 levels, but probably more. So you may have to go around the loop more than once to get the last couple levels, but it works all the way to 525.

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