Tuesday, October 11

Krom'gar Stonetalon Questline = Gold Loop

While leveling up enchanting i came across a very useful vendor for gaining Soul Dust, Astral Essence, and Glimmering Shard's

Basically do the stonetalon questline until you unlock this vendor Krom'gar Quartermaster 

Purchase the cheapest item available and disenchant, rise and repeat

on my server Soul Dust sells for about 1g each, Greater Astral are about 3g each and Glimmering Shards sell for about 60s each (even though they rarely sell)

i normally purchase the Krom'gar Legionnaire's Linen Bracers  for 26s and 36c

you could also make various enchant's with the mats and try to sell those on the ah as well

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