Thursday, October 27

Leaked Mists of Pandaria Battlegrounds

Datamined Battlegrounds from the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.
This video will show you in-game footage of the new PvP grounds: STV Diamond Mine and Azshara Crater.
This content is LEAKED and therefore not supposed to be released yet!

Battleground Information:

STV Diamond Mine is a Goblin Mine below northern STV. Battleground will introduce payload style gameplay where you need to escort mine cars to a depot.

There are multiple tracks, you will get a lot of options and you will be able to decide which way you want the cart to go.

First faction to reach an X amount of resources wins. STV Diamond Mine map:

Azshara Crater is going to be a DotA gameplay style battleground. The main goal is to make it to the enemy base and destroy it.

This is done by the help of creature waves of your own faction. There are lanes with towers protecting the bases which you need to take down. To learn more about the DotA genre, please visit Dota (genre).

PS. Yes, I misspelled Azshara in my video, but seriously, after so many hours of making, converting and uploading it I just couldn't be arsed to change it

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