Tuesday, October 18

The Random Expeditions: Into the Necropolis of Zeramas

Strangletusk posted his sixth episode in this new sorta-series of his, The Random Expeditions - explorations in the game world that don't really all belong to a set theme, but are cool nonetheless

Another short and simple exploration this week! This is really quite cool though - how to access a gigantic two floor scourge cathedral-like room at the Zeramas necropolis in Zul Drak. The room shares the same model as the one in Voltarus - briefly accessible through a teleporter during a Zul Drak quest line, but it is completely crawling with npcs and the like. You can also use the easy method shown in this episode to access that room after the quest line is complete (the teleporter becomes inactive then). Anyways, this huge, mob-less, NPC-less room is a great place for duelling, guild meetings and generally just chilling out

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