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Teleporting Guide: All over the world!

I usually get sick of travelling around, which caused me to get most ingame teleporting items, so I'm never travelling for more than a few minutes. I'll share these items with you, even though you most likely don't give a shit and will just flame me. Ofcourse there are also (Mage) portals/teleports, but I'm not going to link those since it's.. Well, obviously.

1. Ruby Slippers
These feet port you to your HS set location, however since it shares a cooldown with your hearthstone, it aint good for anything but saving a bag slot.. And thats only if you actually use the feet as normal gear.

2. Direbrew's Remote
This item has a 1 Hour Cooldown and creates a Mole Machine that your whole party can use to teleport to the Grim Guzzlers Inn in BRD. This item drops from Coren Direbrew with a 4% Droprate. He only spawns during Brewfest, however you can always use the item.

3. Argent Crusader's Tabard
This item has a 30minutes cooldown and ports you to the Argent Tournament fields. The item is purchasable only if you're a crusader, and costs 50 Champion's Seals.

4. Runed Band of the Kirin Tor and the various other bands of the Kirin Tor.
These rings port you to Dalaran with a 30minutes cooldown, and this does not share a cooldown with your Heartstone, which makes you able to put your Heartstone somewhere else for even more travelabilities.

5. Wormhole Generator: Northrend
This Engineer-only item enables you to port to any of the Northrend zones (excluding DB and Crystalsong) every 4 hours, enabling you to be able to be all over Northrend in a matter of seconds .

6. Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley's Station
Again a Engineer-only item, and this one enables you port to Toshley's Station every 4 hours. As the name states, this item is.... Ultrasafe. Really. No joke. Srsly.

7. Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan
This item is the same as the one before, however this one ports you to Gadgetzan.

8. Frostwolf Insignia rank 1-6 and Stormpike Insignia rank 1-6
These items (horde/alliance) enable you to port to your base while in Alterac Valley. These items don't have a cooldown but since the other stats suck it's better to keep them in your inventory and equip them when you need it, however then it will have a 30seconds cooldown.

9. Hearthstone
This is a very rare and unknown item. It is very hard to obtain and enables you to port to every zone in Azeroth. However, it's so hard to obtain you'd better skip this one.

Quest Teleportation Items

10. Darnarian's Scroll of Teleportation
This item enables you to port from the Isle of Quel'danas to Shattrath, and is obtained from the daily quest Know Your Ley Lines

11. Socrethar's Teleportation Stone
This item enables you to prot to Socrethar's Seat, and is used for the quest Turning Point.

12. Surge Needle Teleporter
If you're in the Moonrest Gardens you can use this to teleport to the Surge Needle, and otherwise back. It is provided by the quest Projections And Plans

13. Blessed Medallion of Karabor
This item with a low 15minutes cooldown teleports you to Shadowmoon Valley, in front of the Black Temple. It is obtained by following the questline which finishes in killing Illidan.

14. Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian.
Even though this item is very rare and unobtainable, I'll still mention it. This staff ports you to the entrance of Karazhan.
If I forgot any, please reply in this topic and Ill add em

Jaina's Locket
This item creates a portal for you and your portal to Dalaran. When you kill the Lich King with Shadowmourne a chest spawns, which can contain the item to get the quest for this.

Dimensional Ripper - Area 52
Same as the other Engineering Items, but this one ports you to Area 52.

Dimensional Ripper - Everlook
Obviously, this one ports you to Everlook.

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