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Wednesday, November 23

In tribute to all the girls that play wow, a short rage.

I lucked out and met friends who believe in turnabout being fair play. They call me bitch face, I call them scrotum head. And we still down the raid boss.

But I'm aware that not all ladytype gamers are in my situation. And yes, I have dealt with the herp a hurr durrs as in the rage.

The best way to deal with it that I 've found is to keep your skin thick and fire sexism right back at them until they shut up. Make lewd comments about their dad. Tell them to shut up and get in the garage where they belong. Make comments about how tiny their dicks are.

No, it doesn't really work for a pacifistic turn the other cheek mentality, but fuck that noise. This is the Internet. It's troll or be trolled.

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