Saturday, November 5

Mass Guild Invites with Anti-Spam Feature

I found this neat addon which used to be on some random website for exploits and such, but wasn't very used much, unlike this one  This addon is now hosted on and legal to use.

The addon is called Guild Recruiter, and can be found here > Guild Recruiter - Guild

Its a small script that uses the /who feature in game to locate players within the set level/class/race requirement, you can then choose to recruit them which will whisper each guildless(or even guilded players if checked) player with a message you pre-typed or you can leave it blank to send no whispers and just invites; You also have the option to invite them to the guild along with or without the message. The addon will then place each whispered/invited players name on a blacklist and if you try to recruit within that level/class/race range again, it will not whisper nor invite him/her in order to prevent spam

You can choose to invite by level, race, class or a combination of all three.

You can also choose to delete the Do Not Invite(DNI) incase you think players changed their minds, just don't do it often =P or you can click "bypass DNI" to invite them anyway. (not recommended)

This addon has contributed to well in the thousands of guild members joining my guild, and while the cap is at 1000 players, we remove inactive players daily (offline for 3 weeks) and just keep gaining new members. We average around 950 total players 50-70 online during the day, with well over 100-200 logins per day. The guild has gone from level 6 to almost 25 in about a month and a half. Its a great way of earning Guild EXP; as well as gold, if your guild has the [Cash Flow] perk, you can gain quite a bit of gold each week, currently we are averaging 3000g per weekthrough [Cash Flow].

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