Tuesday, November 1

Thrallmar / Honor Hold easy rep

This trick  involves Hellfire Ramparts.
So there have been some exploits in the past where you can kill the last boss and use the horn to respawn him and his dragon, but the horn was removed. Then there was an exploit where you kill Vazruden and run out of the instance. But now you can only pull him three times.

Well, this is my version of the trick:
If you kill Vazruden then Nathan (the drake) will come down and chase you until you either kill him or leave the instance. You could reset him three times but then it wouldn't work anymore. But you can just do this:

  1. Kill the guards in front of the boss (gives 33 rep if you have the guild perk)
  2. Kill Nazan first (might want to be a ranged class for this) and ignore Vazruden completely - you'll get 250 rep from this
  3. Run back, Vazruden will despawn
  4. Wait 30 seconds or so for respawn and repeat

You can do this as often as you like and repeat it until you're exalted. And of course you can maximize the rep gained by being in a high level guild and placing your standard for 5 to 15% additional rep.

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