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Thursday, November 24

WoW TV Commercial: Aubrey Plaza - Birthday Gift

I love her. I mean, not just here, but like everywhere I see her. Her humor style is sooo funny, I feel in love the first time I saw her on screen..

Wearing a Horde shirt, she's just twice as good. :)

On the other hand... Is this seriously NOT the wrong message to make about the game? I mean, you'd think that they would try to steer clear of "you avoid real physical relationships to play this game" stigma. All this does is reinforce the perception people have about the game. That those who play it are loners, who don't interact with anyone that aren't pixels in a video game. It's not sarcastic or even witty. It's playing on and reinforcing a very bad stereotype of all WoW (and MMO in general) games by, like some one on the official forums said, saying "oh we're incapable of real relationships because we'd rather choose WoW over a real relationship".

It's bad enough that the general public already sees us as losers interacting with pixels that Blizzard has to say "yeah, they sure are. Look at this woman who would rather play WoW then have a real relationship". It's not a good image.

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