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Wednesday, December 28

Get 80 to 85 in one day + alot of gold

To get alot of experience you need to get a friend level 85
Get here :

1.You get your friend there with you
2.You explain to your friend he need to only attack the tank and dosnt do AoE
3.You AoE the tank or attack the 3 engineer cause you need to get them agro to you ( thier name will be in red ) to get the full xp
There will be many of tank so u can chain pull
At level 83 i get 5400 Each engineer so there's 3 engineer , 5400x3=16200 each tank i was doing 5% each 2min
at level 84 i was doing 15000 each tank and 1million xp per 10minute
There's a video

For the gold making you kill the tank like for the leveling way but u loot them all and there will be alot of Cloth and green item so u disenchant the green and sell the mats and the cloth at the AH you will do alot of gold

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