Saturday, January 14

810 honor an hour WITHOUT BGs

So someone posted something about farming venture bay tokens back in wotlk using the seeking solvent quest. But i thought to myself, man i have a quest bot and i could script my own path to just do the quest over and over again for me. In the thread, the person said they could do the quest 15 times in 10 minutes, and you get 9 honor per a turn in. That means 15x6x9=810.

On my battlegroup as horde, my BG bot makes around 800-1k depending on how many wins i get. But this is a guaranteed 810 honor per an hour, where almost no one every goes. Plus you wont be reported for getting stuck on fences in BGs or barely doing any damage or healing.

Once my bots servers are back up ill hopefully be creating a profile to do the quest and repeat it. If anyone knows how to script in honorbuddy and would like to make a quick profile, let me know.

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