Tuesday, January 3

Darkmoon Island Fishing

Around DMF (Darkmoon Faire) island there are a number of Shipwreck Debris pools. Fishing them bought up a number of Sealed Crates which contained a lot of embersilk cloth (about 50g a stack on AH), a few Heavy Savage Leather (a few hundred gold each), some ores (Obsidium and Elementium), herbs (Cinderbloom and Azshara's Veil), etc. One round trip around the island got me 8 pools and approximately 1,000g worth of mats by AH price. There's also lots of food and drink that are mainly exclusive to DMF, you could just vendor them.

The best part about DMF is there are NO hostile mob so you can have a level 1 farming the fishing pool all day. If you're on a low pop server, you could probably get away with afk botting. However on PVP server, all of the beach area (except the dock) are open to PVP combats. So beware on PVP server.

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