Tuesday, January 17

Dupe and Godmode Exploit - bigest exploit in cataclysm!

This is, if not the BIGGEST exploit in cataclysm.. This is the Trade Window Exploit. This is the infamous Dupe shorty posted which is NOW FIXED, Credits to RAoV and Dmxdawg4321. This Exploit has MANY in it and today ImperiousVideos is going to show you the biggest one. This is LEGIT godmode... the ONLY godmode where they cant attack you... but you can attack then... SOLO BOSSES IN DRAGON SOUL... Follow the directions in the video. Once you start the exploit and you logout, you will have 15 min to do whatever it is... The logout is delayed by 15 min so you have 15 min of PURE invincibility.... There will be more to come with this exploit and many different exploits so stay tuned! Thanks again and Subscribe to stay tuned. Directions below will be for the dupe that is FIXED. does not work.

Take note that this works the same way for inside a dungeon but if ur inside a dungeon NO MATTER WHAT you will always run through the instance so the only real way from doing it inside a instance to see if you REALLY GOT IT is to logout and take the 20 sec logout which will make u unable to move, then do the d/c trick and ur good!

We believe this exploit is already fixed on the next coming patch 4.3.2. So now it is time for the rest of Azeroth to have a taste of glory. Enjoy.

Toon B - Helper Toon A needs to have three lesser heavenly shards on him and his inventory needs to have at least 1 regular heavenly shard, which ill explain later.
Step 1 - Park toon a and b in front of an instance and open trade
Step 2 - Toon a puts an item in the box and clicks accept
Step 3 - Toon b hits accept and runs into the instance at the same time
Step 4 - Toon a is now bugged, but in order to start the process to dupe you must /logout
Step 5 - Because Toon a is now bugged he wont log out for 15 minutes, he however will not be able to cast or interact with the game in any other way either.
Step 6 - Toon a now disconnects himself, and starts a timer for 60 seconds
Step 7 - At 60 seconds Toon A logs his account back into the game and is now able to cast spells and interact with items. Theory behind this is hes logging back in at the exact moment the game is logging his toon out of the game post disconnect
Step 8 - Now when Toon A combines those 3 lesser heavenly shards to form a regular heavenly shard it wont consume the 3 lesser mats at all, but still stacks the shard onto the one you already have in your inventory.
Step 9 - However when the 15 minutes is up those fake shards will disappear unless you delete one of them off the stack. Thus when the 15 minutes is up and you finally actually log out you have now duped heavenly shards, or any other item that requires mats to create, like vial of the sands

^^ When you do it now, it no longer creates the new item. Enjoy!

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