Sunday, January 8

Quite quick way to lvl 83-85 (if you don't like questing)

found this while questing in Uldum, I am not sure if you will have to complete an awful lots of quest to be able to get to this, so would be nice if someone could try it. I had 102/105 quests completed when getting this quest, but I think you can get it a lot earlier, i'll write it in the end.

The quest you will need to obtain is I'll Do It By Hand - Quest - World of Warcraft you will be sent down to a chamber where you need to kill 3x level 85 mobs called Lunar Crystals that are lvl 85 wich has 38.7k health Lunar Crystal - NPC - World of Warcraft. These will die very quick and they award normal XP, and because I was lvl 84 while killing them I received 7134xp per crystal. I don't think it's intended that they give you the same amount of XP while they have very low health. If you are lvl 83 you will probably get more XP, and they are not hard to kill and don't do almost any damage at all.

You just accept the quest, and you don't hand it in, there will spawn 3 new crystals every once in a while quite fast and from what I took time I managed to kill 18x crystal in almost exactly 5 minutes, wich gave me 128412 XP in 5 minutes. And in one hour you can get 1540944 XP in 1 hour.

If I have read it right I don't think you need to do that many quests, you will have to do about 15-20 quests.

First go and kill Schnottz Air Officer - NPC - World of Warcraft they have a 15% chance of dropping a book Efficient Excavations - Item - World of Warcraft that starts a quest chain, do the quests down to the southwest in Uldum and then I think you will be sent up to the northwest, from there just do the quests untill you get the I'll do it by hand quest!

And according to the book you can start this chain at lvl 83.

This is very nice for those who don't like questing and just if you wanna bot over night and ding without having to make huge waypoint and stuff that is in the bots, they just stand still and kill the 3 mobs that keep spawning!

Hope you enjoy! I can upload a video if you guys want to aswell, just let me know.

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