Thursday, February 9

ANOTHER good spot for Charm Farming (level 20-29)

If you're a lowbie (20-29) chasing Swift Lovebird (or all items ASAP) and you honestly want to farm Lovely Charm to turn them into Lovely Charm Bracelet in one sitting so you can trade them for Love Token head over to Dawning Woods Catacombs which lie beneath the Raven Hill Cemetery in Duskwood.

There are zombies, loads and loads of zombies and they re spawn crazy fast.

If you start low 20s you'll get enough charms to convert, then trade, to buy all event vendor items from a solid days grind (aprox. 6hrs with AoE, 7+hrs without AoEs.) Be aware that if you start mid 20s or high 20s you won't get as many Lovely Charm because the XP gained will have you leveling fast and eventually the mobs grey out. Also don't wear any heirlooms because the speed XP is your enemy here.

Edge your way into the catacombs as it's easy to pull 5+ mobs in one go. Not for the feint hearted or squishies who aren't confident in their CC skills.

**don't forget to have Lovely Charm Collector's Kit on you **

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