Tuesday, February 28

Every Gloves Tinker on lvl 70

i, i saw many guys learning engineering on lvl 70 for the tinkers and unlearn after they got the wrong tinker.
now that nearly everyone is wearing pve gear on that lvl, here's how to get the tinker you want.

  1. Find someone, who has learned the tinker you want
  2. Make him join your raid and kill the boss who drops the gloves you need
  3. Now you both have the 2h trade duration on the gloves
  4. He takes the gloves. When he starts adding the Tinker to the gloves, the message that they are going to be soulbound will appear.
  5. His part: Open Trade window. Start adding Tinker. put gloves in trade window while the 5sec cast. partner accepts trade. right at the end of the cast (isn't really hard) press trade. 
  6. Profit. lvl 70 char has gloves with tinker

on the screenshot you can see the shocker tinker on my gloves, and my engineering skill with 3 wrong tinkers (i was gnome before)

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