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Gnomish Universal Remote - WoW Gold Guide

This is very simple and requires nothing from you, except an alliance toon or a friend and the trip to the nearest goblin controlled auction house. However, if you have engineering, there's more gold to be made!

It's a lot more valuable on the other side
Gnomish Universal Remote is a fun engineering trinket that is learned from the Schematic: Gnomish Universal Remote recipe. These can both be sold on the Horde side for a lot of coin because the schematic is sold by an Alliance vendor only.

This means you can only make "fast" gold with this if you know an Alliance player, or have one yourself. Keep in mind that fast is a relative term, and might be a day or a month, depending on the amount of engineer collectors on your realm.

The steps are simple:

  1. Visit Gearcutter Cogspinner in Ironforge
  2. Purchase a Schematic: Gnomish Universal Remote. It's a limited quantity item with a short restock timer. Better to grab at least 3 of these at a time!
  3. Visit the nearest neutral Auction House. This is in most cases located in Gadgetzan - Tanaris if you can get a portal to Dalaran. Or if you want to fly, Booty Bay - STV.
  4. List your Schematics for sale. Not many are aware of their value to collectors so no one will ninja them if you list them for 10 gold each.
  5. Get your horde toon and go buy them.
You can alternatively list them for a little less than their proper price in the neutral ah and hope for the best. Though it will take ages before you can find a buyer, unless someone notices this post and checks the neutral AH out on your realm.

While the trinket itself is close to useless these days, collectors are still ready to pay for these. I've sold several this year for up to 5000 gold and individual trinkets for even 400 gold. On the Alliance side it's hard to get even 100g for one schematic. Still.. Not bad, considering the schematic costs only 12 silver on the vendor.

If you attempt this method, don't start with a 5k price tag. Start from 500g instead and see what happens! Experiment with the price and see how fast they sell on your realm.

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