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Thursday, February 16

Halls of Lightning: Fast way to get your Swift Lovebird mount! *Rogue Special*

How to farm at this location!

Welcome to this little guide on how to farm Lovely Charms to turn in at the vendor for Love Tokens, if you still wish to farm in the fastest way possible I would suggest this guide.

Some of you may already know of this, some don't, some think other guides are better, tried them and found this working faster. But I am here to help out those who wish to still continue on in a easy way to farm your mount before this week is over!

So lets take a look at the first position shall we?

As you can see in this picture, I'm positioned infront of the Forge. The arrows shows you where the Slags is coming out from, 5 front, 1 each side, 1 each side in the back.

Here you can see how I throw my throwing knife at my target in the back, the tricks to a steady fast rotation of a constant ongoing spawning of these creatures is to pull the back one first, then the one to the side. Afterwards you go back to your normal mid position, then you continue on to the other side and do the same thing.

So at the very first picture, you can see 5 Slags infront, you kill those at once *Prefer keeping up Blade Flurry at all times as rogue and to keep up recuperate + slice and dice for extra dmg over time and to never lose any health* once you have killed them, you go on to the right side, use your thrown or range ability to pull the back one then the side one, go over to the other side and do the same. When you are done with that, then the mid 5 Slags should respawn.

Just repeat this, and you will get lots of Lovely Charms over time! Also useful to keep up your Ethereal Soul-Trader while doing this if you still miss the set from your pet!

Time used to gather 1000 Charms ~ 1 hour.
Time used to gather 2300 Ethereal Credits ~ 1 hour.

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