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Thursday, February 2

Insane damage boost for ret paladins.

Ret paladin seal of truth/seal of righteusness is bugged. They proc everything on 100% proc rate. Judge once -> you get damage procs from retribution aura, censure (procs itself btw), the 17% part of weapon damage from seal and seals of command. Those procs, then proc themselves, and it will never stop. Judge a raid boss once, and 100k dps guaranteed!

USE IT WHILE YOU CAN, its live now on EU, and going to get hotfixed really quick!

Forums are exploding with this, and WOL parses are coming in and showing progression kills, be careful if you use it, theres going to be some reprocussions for abusing an obvious exploit. this is clearly a place for exploits, but be safe! dont post a parse and be #1 in the world thats 80K dps above a fire mage

Mad pally DPS in LFR? - Forums - World of Warcraft

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