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Sunday, February 5

Makes a fair point

Vanilla WoW was definitely a grindfest. It was tedious and oftentimes the rewards were not proportional to the effort involved. For the causal player, WoW probably wasn't as great as everyone said it was.

On the other hand, I entered WoW with no previous MMO experience. My friends didn't want to pay a monthly fee, so I basically ventured into Azeroth alone. I like to solo as much as I can, but the best part was that there was almost always people just milling about doing their own thing who would be willing to help you out.

The size of the world, the soundtrack, the storyline, and all of the promise of what the future may hold was what enthralled me. Sure, a great deal of nostalgia is viewed through rose-colored lenses, but I think the potential of WoW is what captivated me.

Of course the game had to evolve, much in the same way that people tend to have to grow out of things like Santa or the tooth fairy. For me, the hard truth was that WoW growing up is a bittersweet thing. Sure, it may be said it's more nuanced, and things are more diverse and balanced, but at the same time, it's like the wonder is a bit lost... the belief that this is really just the beginning of something spectacular...

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