Tuesday, February 14

[PvP] 71-74 Bracket Shaman Twinking, A guide

I’m writing up a Brief guide to making one of the more OP Twinks you can make at the moment, a 71-74 Twink shaman.

-Why is a Shaman so overpowered at this Bracket?

Answer: [Nifflevar Bearded Axe].
This, Ladies and Gents, is an iLvl 226 Axe (KT25/Ulduar 25), which is usable by a level 71 character.

And it’s Not Unique-Equipped. you can Dual wield them.
I'll let that sink in for a while.

K long enough!

-Why a Shaman and not a Rogue?

Simple. The Nifflevar Bearded Axes are 2.6 Swing speed. perfect speed for an enhancement shaman.
a Rogue would prefer a Fast offhand for Poison applications.
Therefore, a shaman gains the advantage for these axes.

-Step One: Acquiring the Axes
The Nifflevar Bearded Axe is a rare Archeology dig, from Vyrkul digsites, in Northrend.
This does not, however, mean they are going to be as difficult to acquire.
The lower level rare digs are easier to acquire than the level 85 rare items.

So, take your Archaeological digger out to northrend!

Getting the SECOND axe is going to be an issue however.
Because you can only get one of each rare on a character, you are going to have to level Archeology on a second character.

-Gear, Gems, Enchants:
After Studying Wowhead, This appears to be the best set of gear, plus Gems and Enchants, to use.

The ONLY enchant that will require any Type of rep grind is the Arcanum of Ferocity which will require Revered with Cenarion Expedition

Engineering is Mandatory. (a quick note about engineering: you CAN get the Level 85 Tinkers, and use them as a level 71-74 Twink. however, you will only learn 1-2 tinkers. If you dont get the Tinkers you WANT, you will have to decide between living / dealing with it, or Re-leveling engineering. for more information regarding this, see here.

Most Common Alternatives: Proposed best to worst.
JC: For Dragons Eyes 41+ Stats from your 3 gems.
BS: 2 Extra Sockets, +40 Stats from your 2 extra gems.
LW: Better Bracer Enchant, Wrath Leg Kit.
Alch: Your Eng Trinkets will have better use.

If you are SERIOUS about Twinking this bracket: you should level LW first and put the leg enchant on any pants you might want to use in the future. Then drop LW if you want and level any of the professions listed above.

Here is your spec

More to be added later. I’m still in the process of Leveling my Twink shaman, so I will be adding Videos and rotation information as I get to level.


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