Monday, February 13

Send Lovely Charm Bracelets from your Main to your Alts using mail

As you may already know it's not possible to directly mail Lovely Charm Bracelets that you have gathered to your alts since it counts as a limited duration item. So far people have been trading these to their friends who in turn trade them back to their alts or buy bracelets from people via Trade or General on their alts.
The other day I found a way to directly send Bracelets from your main to your alts using mail:-

  1. Go to any NPC that sells Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper. Other Wrapping paper types should also work.
  2. Use this item to 'Wrap' your bracelets and simply send the Bracelets that now appear as a Gift to your alt.
  3. Log your alt and unwrap the gift to receive your Bracelet

Hope this helps

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