Saturday, February 4

Slacking in LFR 101


This is an extremely easy way, to get 500 Valor Points per week, and a chance to get some nice 384-390 gear.
What I will show you, is how to do nothing in any of the boss fights, and still look active. The only downside is the repairing bills you will get from dying.


I assume you already know the fights, while you’re reading this, so I won’t go deeply into any boss-mechanics. Morchok casts something called Black Blood of the Earth, which will deal damage to you, if you stand in it. Instead of running behind the rocks, to avoid this damage, stand still at Morchok, until you die. From now on, Alt+Tab and do something else, like lurk here on Ownedcore or stalk a girl on Facebook.

Warlord Zon’Ozz


Yor’Sahj the Unsleeping

Every now and then Yor’Shaj summons 3 Oozes. You have to kill one of them, and let the other two reach Yor’Sahj. If a green ooze reaches Yor’Sahj, you should run out of the inner circle, and into the poison clouds that lies around the ‘battlezone’.

Hagara the Stormbinder

Every now and then, Hagara forces you to kill 4 ice sculptures, before you can damage her again. Normally you run out, when she teleports to the middle of the platform, but you should just stand in there, since you will take enough damage to die, from her attempt to get you out in the outer circle of the platform.


This is probably the easiest one to die on. You shouldn’t stack with the rest of the raid here, just stand behind them, and you will most likely get oneshotted.

Warmaster Blackhorn

I have yet to figure out a way to die in the first phase here, since everybody moves to interrupt the drakes’ attacks. In the second phase though, the ship gets filled with large black pools of twilight gross, which you normally shouldn’t stand in, but you want to this time, since you want to die.

Spine of Deathwing

Jump off.

Madness of Deathwing

As soon as the encounter starts, you should run to the back of the platform you’re standing on, and jump into the water. This will kill you, but still yield you the kill and the loot.


You will die a total of 8 times each week, doing this, but as most guilds goes with free repair, this won’t hurt you in any way. You get more time to do what you like, since I’m sure nobody likes doing the LFR every week.

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