Wednesday, February 8

Stay In Any* Temporary Transformation Permanently

This trick allows you to stay in any temporary transformation until you log out, confirmed for server side.

Temporary transformations include but not limited to:
  • [Bones of Transformation]
  • [Wisp Amulet]
  • [Blessing of the Old God]
  • Fel-Infused-Warlock spell.
  • [Ogre Suits]
And many more..

Confirmed NOT to work:
  • [Potion of Illusion]
  • [Orb of the Sin'dorei]

Step1. Go to any dungeon (stockades/org dungeon) and enter.
2. Step out and reset all instances.
3. Repeat 4 more times so that you cannot enter anymore.
4. Use your transformation and when it ticks down to 2-3sec enter the portal.

You will not get loaded into the instance and your transformation buff will be gone but you will still remain in your transformation!

You can also cast any spell and get into a passenger mount.

It disappears on any loading screen or using another transformation effect. Have fun!

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