Thursday, March 1

[Blink Exploration] Culling of Stratholme

I was in the area with my mage (doing the Old Hillsbrad Foothills explorations) and decided to take a break and go to Culling of Stratholme. I searched for ways to get out, and I could only really find a few, and they required a DC macro to get outside of the invisible wall. There used to be a way to blink past the wall by going into the water, and then you could blink past it. Already tried that, and it didn't quite work.

I started poking around, looking for ways to use my new-found blink trick. Blinking though invisible walls that you cannot usually blink though via a WMO type terrain. Well, it just so happens that I found a tree in Culling of Stratholme and found a way past the invisible wall.

Here is the video, note I cannot do anything about the fog, as it is there as a "We're going to put this annoying fog here so you don't look too far into the distance, because we have hidden stuffz out there. <3 Blizz." Afaik, it cannot be turn off (maybe though some kind of core editing, something that is way beyond me ) There are no "Unknown Zones" that I am aware of in this instance. And what explorer doesn't have red armor lol.

Just a few side notes:
Do not get too cocky and run around willy-nilly. There are several drops that if you aren't ready for, you could kill yourself. Running past the invisible wall can make you have to start again.

Watch out for "white lines" on your map. You will end up falling off the map into the white unknown, and could kill yourself if you aren't slowfalling. No way back up (that I know of.)
Run towards the mountain after you blink past the tree. If you don't, you risk going back to the other side of the invisible wall, and have to start over again.


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