Wednesday, March 28

Diablo III More Class Skill Videos and Sword of Justice Issue#3

With Diablo III release coming closer and closer every day, Blizzard is releasing another set of new Class Skill Videos. This time Which Doctor is getting most love with 4 new videos including: Wall of Zombies and Fetish Army which brings a lot of memories about Diablo II, Act III . All Videos can be found under the Original post on Diablo III community site.

Just a few days ago Diablo Comic book Sword of Justice Issue #3 was released. This is Important news for all Diablo storyline fans, as according to rumors, events from Sword of Justice will be most likely continued in the Oryginal game.

For those of you who don't remember what Sword of Justice is, quick remind: Sword of justice is 5 part comic book telling about the events after Tyrael Destroyed Worldstone by throwing his sword into it. Main character of the comic book, Jacob, revives visions of an Ancient Prophecy from Tyraels sword, the visions leads Jacob to... well, enough of spoilers  More info about Sword of Justice can be found here.

Quick reminder how World stone was destroyed:

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