Monday, March 5

Isle of Conquest afk spot

Recently I was on top of the Alliance Keep in IoC and accidentally stumbled onto a spot on their roof where you become invisible on your screen as well as everyone else. Your mini map also changes to show an "inside the keep" map rather than the roof map

^^^this shows where I was standing against the wall and my holy pally roommate on top watching over me in case someone else got up there

^^^ in this one I merely moved forward by pressing "w" and my character went to the left a little and disappeared into thin air! if "w" is held too long you continue to slowly go to either side and possibly off the ledge. If that happens you will have to jump back up.

on a side note, my healy pally knew I was there but only could focus on me by clicking my name in his raid ui or using a /tar macro

this next pic is to show the minimap and how the game thinks you are inside the keep:

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