Sunday, March 25

Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War (book cover)

I'm in two minds about Christie Golden.

I found her Arthas book to be rather disappointing. It was virtually a copy and paste of dialog from Warcraft III and WoW with almost nothing new in terms of back story or real insight. I appreciate she couldn't really mess with the core plot because it's so well known, but I was waiting for a really interesting and heart wrenching story of his fall from prince hero to ultimate villain, but in the end it was very lightweight and almost as bad as George Lucas's Vader story in the prequels.

That said, "The Shattering" was way better and proved she can write.

I just hope they don't just opt for the "she goes batshit crazy and joins the dark side" thing. It's becoming a bit tired as a plot device.

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