Monday, March 12

[Old School] Hyjal Past Exploration (Bonus Clip at End)

Basically I ran down to where Archimond (probably butchered his name, but its the last boss) and did some Heroic Leaping and found a way outside and got into Winterspring. In the video, you can explore around Winterspring, as well as Felwood. You will probably need some sort of slowfall to get down the mountain side, as well as hook on at the right place so you can Heroic Leap to the right place. At the end, it seemed like I got stuck, but was able to get out. You can reach Felwood by doing the same warrior tricks that have been shown in my previous videos (visit my post on Old Hillsbrad Foothills on the 3rd page. There is a video on how to climb a large mountain, which can be helpful to get an idea how it works.) There is a bonus clip as well at the end. In the clip, I show how I used to get into Hyjal way back in Vanilla WoW time period (2005-2006 time period.) This is probably the only place in the game where it is still possible to do this, and I wanted to show people and reminisce the old days of exploring Hyjal.

If you are in the area, there are many places where the Heroic Leap trick works. Just keep searching around and you will find a way out!

Difficulty: Medium

Hope you enjoyed. Not sure what is wrong with my computer, but it has been laggy lately, so my apologies about the quality of the video. My settings must have got changed when the patch came out. Let me know if the video doesn't work. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, and visit often for more releases. (I had better music in the video, but YouTube once again blocked from the US... guess I will just keep using the YouTube music from now on.)

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