Friday, March 16

Only a hunter would notice this!

hello my dear friends. My discovery is'nt groundbreaking but its the details that makes up for a sad story.

It all starts here

There is a graveyard at that place. Located in silithus

Besides the graveyard there is a very small village

Actually whats interesting is that. I don't know if you can see it in the picture above but it does show that there should be 3 humanoids in the village. I am standing right in front of one but still i see nothing! There are no people under the ground nor above the village. So what im actually seeing is ghosts inWoW

The names of the humanoids are;

Layo Starstrike
Zannok Hidepiercer
Jarund Stoutstrider

That those are ghosts is just my conclusion. I thought it was interesting to see what you guys would say ;P

Edit: Only half of my screenshots are shown ill include a wowheadlink to see where the humanoids are so that the destination is shown on Wowhead instead.

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