Friday, March 9

Split up lvl 80 boost and free char xfer from SoR

With SoR, you can boost up a char to lvl 80 and xfer him to another server. If you decide to xfer a lvl 85, you cant boost another char up to 80.
here is how to do it:
  1. Create the lvl 1 char or log on the char you want to boost to 80. make him transfer ready.
  2. Logout ingame, go into battlenet. choose realm transfer + lvl 80 boost to the char. click continue, but dont press the last button before transfer.
  3. Login, get 20k+ gold (or less, depends on lvl) on this char, so its over the transfer gold cap. logout.
  4. Press okay to the transfer. an error will appear: char has too much gold.
  5. Wait a short time. log on your char. he will pop up to 80.
  6. Now look at your SoR history. You split up lvl 80 boost and free xfer!

As you can see on the screen, i already got lvl 80 boost and can reclaim free xfer.

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