Wednesday, March 7

Upgraded “Scroll of Resurrection” entices players to return to ‘World of Warcraft’

To battle the recent loss of World of Warcraft subscriptions, Blizzard has completely revamped their “Scroll of Resurrection” program. The program, which allowed current WoWers to reinvite friends who had quit, has added some enticing bonuses. The resurrected player may instantly level any one character to level 80, a free upgrade to Cataclysm, a free server move (if you want to join your friends elsewhere), and 7 free days of game play. (Yes, seven whole days!) In addition, players who resurrect their friends will receive an exclusive, spectral faction mount. This is a limited-time offer, though the announcement doesn’t specify how long the offer is valid.

This is, of course, a very smart way to lure players such as I, who stopped playing when the level cap was 70. The idea of grinding through those last 10 levels, just so I can start raiding with my friends again, is one of many cumbersome tasks I would have to look forward to. However, I’m not sure if the idea of jumping through those crucial levels of experience are necessarily a good thing …

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