Wednesday, April 4

I miss her.

At this point when you go enter an old raid you don't have a choice to tune it like you do with WotLK and and Cataclysm raids (ie 10, 25, 10 H, and 25 H). What if Blizzard added the option to all old raids (raids from any of the previous expansions), something along the lines of 'current tier.' When you enter the dungeon on 'current tier' level it does nothing but up the numbers of the raid (boss/mob health and damage, etc) to what it would be like if you were raiding current tier content.

The bosses wouldn't drop any new loot, it would be all about having fun and riding the nostalgia train with your raid. There would be no incentive to do it other than the thrill of doing it (other than maybe an achievement), that way people wouldn't need to complain about being left behind. Oh, and if you don't want to find a group to do, say, AQ20? Just set it back to normal and solo away. I honestly can't imagine it would take that much time/effort, or detract from adding new content, especially if the tuning is done during the development of new expansions.

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