Tuesday, April 17

Xmog Boa gear and send to alts(Still works, with a twist)

It only works with items you receive from quests, eg, I have the staff of the redeemer on my warlock, xmogged the boa staff to it, and sent it to a level 1 priest, worked 100%, dunno if this would help, but apparently only using one button on your mouse to click the mailbox, drag the item into the mail and send it etc etc...... Screenshots for proof...

  1. Transmog a boa weapon with any quest item you want(MUST BE A QUEST ITEM!)
  2. Using only one of the buttons on your mouse(Left click preferably)
  3. Click mailbox
  4. Click send mail
  5. Type in character name
  6. Drag xmogged item into mail and send it
  7. Log on char you sent it too
  8. Retrive from mailbox, and enjoy

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