Monday, May 14

Diablo III Midnight Launch Event

This is it, the time we were all waiting for so long has finally come - less than 24 hours separate us from long awaited Diablo III Launch date.

To get you properly prepared for this Epic event we will now give you answers regarding some of the most common questions + Diablo III Midnight Launch Event.

Lets begging with our little FAQ, shall we

Q: Wen I will be able to play?
A: Servers start at Midnight (the night between may 14 and 15)

Q: What is Midnight Launch Event?
A: Midnight Launch Event will take its place all over the world in various cities and stores. Depending on the city and country it will last for 4-5 h up until midnight, keeping you entertained with Cosplay, sales, and various contests.

Q: How do I find Midnight Launch Event near me?
A: To find Midnight Launch Event in your local area is best to check your local news. In additional you might want to visit D3 Community site.

Q: When I will be able to install the game?
A: Game installer will be unlocked at 17:01 CEST on May 14 for EU players and 8:01 a.m. PDT for US.

Q: What is BattleTag and what do I need it for?
A: Battle tag is some kind of nick that will be used across (similar to how you've used your real name with Real ID, but with made up name instead).
more information about BattleTag here Introducing BattleTag

For more information visit Launch Day Preparation Guide - Diablo III

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