Friday, June 29

First thing I thought of after seeing the new Jewelcrafting mounts.

Pretty sure it was intentional. At-lest Given blizzard's propensity to insert nerd culture icons into WoW as sort of Easter eggs, this is the obvious answer. Easter eggs would be putting it too lightly though. aster eggs (hence the name Easter egg) are a hidden thing that you have to search out, this is more of a blatant 80's pop (read: "child of the 80's") culture reference. This could still be an easter egg of sorts.. it is in your face.. and anyone who does not see all 5 lions together might miss the reference...

I don't doubt 2 years from now there will be a post from someone
"OMG look what I just noticed."

Sorta like the bank tellers in Stormwind. They are all right there, together, but if you don't take a moment to read the names in order... you would never notice the "Egg/reference"

I guess I am arguing what is a reference/ode and what is an easter egg.. but to me suddenly realizing that something in the game was a reference the entire time.. would be an easter egg to me.

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