Thursday, June 21

gandhi would be proud

This pretty impressive task was mailed to us. No Kills, No Quests, 11 points of total Damage. Level 85

Finally achieved my personal timesink in a game of timesinks. Herb'ed and Mine'd a ton and if not for a misclick I would have had a no damage run. 
The only quest that shows completed is the auto accepted quest "Personal Summons" that you get once you ding 80. I tried to cancel it but it accepted it anyway. 
If you are wondering where I leveled. 1-10 Mulgopre 10-15 Durotar 15 - 30 Silverpine forest / Hillsbrad Foothills 30 -45 or so Thousand Needles 45 - 60 Winterspring 60 -70 Zangarmash 70 -80 Wintergrasp 80- 85 Ulduum 
Those were my primary leveling areas. I did venture out to travel to different zones but selected the ones above due to ease of travel and node density.

Thought there would be a link to the WoW Armory

Not many things can impress me in this game nowadays. However, this is most excellent.

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