Sunday, June 10

Just happened to stumble upon something amusing while cleaning

Plainsrunning worked like this; run for 10 seconds and suddenly you're moving at mount speed. Everytime you got hit, just like all other mounts at the time, you got dazed/dismounted. This meant you'd have to run for 10 seconds again to gain the "aura". All other mounts had a 3 second cast, plainsrunning was 10 to keep them from being OP.

The balancing issues that came from it were horrid, needless to say.

As for mounts, at lvl 40 it was 90g for the actual mount and 10g for training it. At lvl 60 it was 900g for the mount and 100g for training. This was the equivalent to paying 2000g at lvl 20 and 5000g at 40 now. We used to have to borrow gold from guildies just to get our lvl 40 mount. Gold was hard to come by back then. I once had 400g at lvl 60 and was considered wealthy. It'd be like having 100,000g now.

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