Saturday, June 9

[Mop Beta] Extremely fast EXP grind. (85+)

What you wan't to do is go too Valley of the Four Winds. (Don't worry if you're only 85, it is not going to be any quests or any other requirement.)

Okay so, travel to Valley of the Four Winds and go to the "Singing Marshes". (See picture below.)

And the mob you wan't to kill is called Emperor Tern. (See picture below.)

They sit in packs ontop of big rocks of about 3-5 mobs per pack. They have 69k hp which is easy AOE and they give a good amount of EXP.
86-87 with this method should take about 1,5 - 2 hours.

So it's a good grind if you don't wan't to quest! (Although i'd suggest questing since this is beta and things are supposed to get tested!)

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