Wednesday, July 11

Farm sea turtle with no downtime

There is a mechanic in borean tundra that allows you to spawn you're own fishing pools. it's part of the fishing daily quest in dalaran Blood Is Thicker.

You kill animals like rhinos and deer to get a debuff that coats you in there blood. You remove this buff by jumping in the water. The said blood forms a "pool" which you can loot mostly dead fish and the same drop chance for the sea turtle as the any northrend or cataclysm pool.(Confirmed by el's extreme anglin' website. seen here.Pool of Blood - El's Extreme Anglin')

The fishing pools themselves look like this.

Start fishing at 41.79. 76.71 or for people without cords add-on's go west of riplash stand.
if you have two accounts you can bot the fishing in the same place any bot will do fine as long is it can loot and fish.

The friend or non botting account will kill the rhinos north of there giving him/her the debuff and fly down into the water were the lure is.

Fish to your hearts content til. The upside is you don't have any downtime to farm the sea turtle. The downside is you won't get a lot of gold or valuable fish for this.

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