Saturday, July 14

Instant Ticket Support!

This is just a little tip on how to get close to Instant service when submitting a ticket

When you submitt a ticket the Game Masters(GM's) will read and set a priority on it,
for instance writing that you wish to have a friendly talk with a bored GM about random stuff
will have a low priority.

So if you want quick service from a GM about some low priority stuff you just simply make it a high priority one

You wish to speak to a GM about something not that important but your in a hurry and want a quick answer
Step by Step &example:

  1. Make a Ticket
  2. Write: My character is stuck, i can't play on it and once i log in i get disconnected!
  3. Wait for answer, they will ask you to help with your issue
  4. Tell the GM that it fixed itself but you forgot to abandon the ticket
  5. The GM will ask if theres anything else he can do for you now as he/she is already with you
  6. Use the oppurtunity to get help with the actual issue

Simple as that

Why do this?
Because you might want to ask a GM for some stuff that has more than a single question,
for instance if you write Hello, i was just wondering if blablabla etcetc and you have to leave before
they contact you, they will just provide you with a simple answer on the ticket and you have to renew it.

So if you know that your issue has follow up questions based on the answers from GM this will help you out.

100% of the times ive made a ticket regarding stuck character etc i got instant service because a issue
that makes me unable to play is set as high priority.

So Good Luck and have fun!

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