Tuesday, July 10

RBG: Wintrade Boosting

I have found an found out how to Win Trade effectively.

You need 2 teams with high MMR, and then the player you are boosting sat in in team you want to win.

Group A = Booster Team. (team with player(s) your boosting)
Group B = Loosing Team.

Group A + B : Form teams (Group A gets player(s) into group that they are boosting)
Group A + B : 1 player from each team logs off.
Group A + B : Leader from each group (must be dead + in spirit form) joins the QUE.

Wait 5 mins or so...

Both offline players log on at the same time. Que pop and there you go!
You will be matched together, now you simply let the players who want boosted join the game with some team mates and win it!

I guess this works because both teams will be in the que for a long time, because they cant join (as logged out players) and then as you both log in, it matches because you have both been in the que a long time.

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